Men's Health Week

It's Men's Health Week, now through Father's Day.  As a father, husband, and brother, it can be very satisfying to your loved ones when you care for yourself.  Be active with your health.  Participate in decisions with your doctor.  Educate yourself. Go for a physical.  
According to the Department of Health and Human Services, there are many preventative options out there on men's health, today more than ever.  You just need know where to look.

Download, read online, or order free & low-cost publications through the Federal Citizen Information Center.  Previously known as, site offers important consumer information and publications to help you make important life decisions. Here are a few publications they provide on Men's Health:

The Center for Disease Control advises men can take daily steps to protect themselves from disease and injuries, living safer and healthier lives.  An everyday routine can take little time and cost next to nothing.  Eat what counts, stay physically active as best you can, and pay attention to signs and symptoms.  

A few other links that may be helpful:

At any age, it is important to start what you can to prolong a healthy life, no matter how brief or intense the routine is !

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