National Public Health Week April 2nd-8th

Help America become healthier beginning today. 

Nearly a million people in the U.S. lose their lives every year from preventable health conditions. These losses affect every family and community.  You can help prevent these deaths by learning steps to live a healthier life.

National Public Health Week is a great time to read and learn. Share helpful information on how to live a healthier life with others to help them learn. provides facts on many health preventative-related topics, including a few listed here:
1. The Facts About Preventing HP Virus
2. Differences Among Birth Control Methods
3. What to Do to Have Fewer Asthma Attacks
4. How to Recognize Depression in Yourself and Your Friends

Click on the Food and Drug Administration's Office of Women�s Health to read and share publications.

Our U.S. Government has made the following links available for you to contact for any additional information: FAQs,   PhoneChat, or  E-mail.

The more we can inform ourselves, the better we will all feel. And who doesn't want to feel better ?  Help yourself and help loved ones have a healthier lifestyle starting today.

Information provided by on National Public Health Week.

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