Reduced & Free Lunch in Pasco County Schools - Application & Eligibility

Reduced & Free School Lunch in Pasco County

Are my children eligible for reduced or free lunch in Pasco County?  The answer depends on your income.  If your income is between 131% and 185% of the federal poverty guidelines then yes, they can get a reduced lunch.  If your income is below 130% of the federal poverty guidelines then they can get a free lunch.  For instance, a family of five with an annual income of $45,000.00 is eligible for reduced lunch, while another family of five with an annual income of $28,600.00 would be eligible for free lunch.  Where can I view the federal poverty guidelines?

You view the current federal poverty guidelines at here.  How do I apply for free or reduced lunch?  The application is on the Pasco County Schools site here.  Please remember that if you're income changes, you can come back at any time through-out the calendar year and re-apply for free or reduced lunch.  Did you know whether or not you have reduced or regular lunch, you can pay for your children's meals online?  MyLunchMoney allows parents/guardians to pay for their children's meals online, visit them here.  You will need to create an account.  You can also set weekly and daily spending limits for your children.  MyLunchMoney is available for most, if not all, Pasco County Schools.

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