Featured Condtion/Disease: Cerebral Palsy

We are featuring a childhood/infant disease or condition informational post every other Friday.  Today's topic is Cerebral Palsy.


Cerebral palsy is a group of problems that make it difficult for people to control their own physical movement. A child with cerebral palsy can't move muscles normally. Cerebral palsy is caused when the part of the brain that controls muscle movement doesn't work properly. How much control the child has of movements will depend on how much the brain differs from normal.

In most cases, cerebral palsy doesn't worsen with age. This means children don't usually lose things they have already learned. Most children benefit greatly from treatment and therapy.

Getting  Help

If you have a child from the age from birth to three years old, you can have your child screened for cerebral palsy through the Florida Early Steps program.  Click here to see a list of Early Steps offices in your area.

More Information

To get more information about Cerebral Palsy, click here.

*Most of the information provided here is from the Teach More/Love More site, click here to visit their site.

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