Immunizations - F.A.Q.s & Facts

Immunizations - Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Here's some frequently asked questions from the CDC about immunizations.

I heard that some vaccines can cause autism. Is this true?
No. Scientific studies and reviews have found no relationship between vaccines and autism. Groups of experts, including the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Institute of Medicine (IOM), also agree that vaccines are not responsible for the number of children now recognized to have autism.

Don't infants have natural immunity?
Babies get some temporary immunity (protection) from mom during the last few weeks of pregnancy�but only for the diseases mom is immune to. These antibodies do not last long, leaving the infant vulnerable to disease.

To see a full list of questions, go to the CDC site here.

Immunization Recommendations by Age

To see a chart of immunizations recommended for ages birth through 6 years old, click here.
To see a chart of immunizations recommended for ages seven years to 18 years old, click here.

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